Sapiens reviews

Christian Lassena month ago    

Full of nothing but pessimistic, cynical, sarcastic self-loathing. The author writes from such an awful perspective of an over-Privileged whiny brat it's torture to get through. I've only made it 84 pages out of 350 or so, and I can't help going except by forcing myself to, in the hopes of some redeeming quality or point, along with a never-ending barrage of nagging criticism. 

This book is the Karen of history books. 

Half the history in it, is easily arguable, meant more for drama and show than for accuracy. Big questions are entirely unanswered while little molehills are poured over endlessly for every flaw. 

Chock full of endless drivel putting down any ideas of morality and religion, then eternally condemns humanity for its lack of morality. 

Completely ignores any good that humanity accomplishes, writing it all off as flukes of biology, and then passes judgement on all of us and our ancestors as if we are/were purposefully and intentionally evil by choice. 

Don't waste your time. There's much better places to get the same information without subjecting yourself to the depressing temptation to slit your wrists under the guise of woke history.

Seriously, this book is awful. The author is talented and smart, but he's totally wasted it all. 

Imagine if a great athlete could hit endless home-runs, but instead we paid him/her to just keep hitting the outfield wall over and over, and called them a success.

Mario Bosnar3 weeks ago    

It's a shame that such a person is a professor at a University, now I charish my intelligent professors from my university even more. The way he wrote this book is terribly unprofessional, filled with so many subjectivity while ignoring the facts on purpose. This book is filled with dis-information, don't read it unless you are ready to either be manipulated or you have an analytical mind and are able to see through all it's flaws. 
In the end, it's a good way for Harrari to earn some money, a smart move indeed. Similar to what today's media does. Share false information and attack the feelings of many (by using clickbaits to get clicks and get money from the ads).
A terrible person you are, Harari, but now I know not to buy anything else with your name on it.

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