I’ve got a band called Claude Canvas. Click them words to listen and follow on soundcloud!

Couple of examples for you



I’m a singer-songwriter under the name Phil Sebastian. Click that for more!

Here’s an example


I recently(ish) completed my first studio album under my stage name Steggers

Album cover for Life A. E.

It’s called Life A. E. and is sort of my Adele’s 21 (but a bit more electronic)

Here’s some blurb

This is a proper album, not a collection of songs. It’s a story that you may have lived at some point in your life. Take an hour from your life and lose yourself in it – from beginning to end. It’s the only way.

More Words

Most albums are united by the “sound” of the band / artist, but the songs have different notes. But this album flips this idea on its head –  the “sound” of the songs are all different. It’s the music and notes which unite it. It’s a thematic album in other words…

Critical Acclaim

Tom Service, the Guardian’s top music critic, said I could say to my mates that he liked it.

TV’s Nick Mohammed said “Excellent stuff – really, really enjoyed it!”

My mum said “it takes some getting used to, but gets better and better the more you hear it – which is a sign of a good album.”

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