Opera & Dance


Salome Tour 2019 with Edifice Dance Theatre

I wrote the music to Salome; a twisted, dark story of rejection, religion, lust and death. In collaboration with Hastings Philharmonic.



Animal Domino, Egyptian Fixer, Vicious Efficiency

One from the archives… I wrote a 3 minute, six word opera for The Rosemary Branch Festival in London. It’s the first 3 minutes of this, titled Animal Domino, Egyptian Fixer, Vicious Efficiency (named after interesting phrases I overheard from random people in conversation in London)

The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little pigs is a thinly-veiled critique of US and UK foreign policy at the start of the 21st century. The mother pig sends her three pigs away to make their own way in the world, because her house no longer has the resources to look after them as the world has changed. The Big Bad Wolf, George, wants to sell resources to the three little pigs Chad, Smith and Karl, then once he’s done that go and kill them and steal back the resources  With a huff and puff he blows down the house of Chad and Smith. He can’t blow down the house of Karl, but he can take a sledgehammer to it instead. Then eat him. Then he can return to Toni, who believes him to be her new boyfriend George, and kill her too.


A project for Jennifer Noda and the LABAN school of dance. Aqueous Alchemy is a dance piece creating an immersive water focused environment, calling to mind a fetal sensory experience. Sound design by me – minimal and simple, but captivating and calming

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