Video Production

Promo video I made for Baroque at the Edge festival 2020

I’ve created dozens of videos for BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music… here are just a few examples.

A couple of videos I shot for reggae group One Ground at Hootnanny Brixton…

Videos made in 2019 for soprano Katharina Konradi at Maida Vale Studios

Some videos made in 2018 for soprano Fatma Said and pianist Roger Vignoles at Maida Vale Studios

A promo video for the debut album release of mezzo soprano Kitty Whately, January 2015

I’ve shot and edited several videos for BBC Radio 3, including interviews with artists, as complete packages. Here are some examples.

For more see this playlist

I made this showreel of Alan Partridge to present Top Gear – it received wide attention and 20 000 views overnight.


Justin Bieber – Beauty and a Beat

Radio 3 did a classical cover of Justin Bieber. I decided to lip-sync Justin’s video with Radio 3’s audio. This was done on a night bus in 45 minutes at 2am.


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