David Bowie – my 1 cent


If the troubles of the world can be marked by one thing, it’s this: division, separation. Seeded in the conceptual divide from us to nature, culminating to the ideological divides we cling on to despite our undeniable mutual humanity.

Why am I so affected by the passing of David Bowie? David was an artist of union, from the reunion with a higher, more profound state of being you could experience in Heroes, to the union of apparent disparate and random parts into a singular expression of wholeness, as he produced in Life on Mars?. His whole artistic approach was of union – uniting scattered influences wherever he found them and synthesizing them into something greater than the sum of their parts, that’s his true legacy – celebrating differences and reuniting everything.

When he made his comeback in 2013, it was no ordinary reunion that we’ve seen from countless artists over the last decade – getting back together to play the old hits with a kind of nostalgia for something lost. No, David brought his art and his past and nostalgia and united them with the present moment to bring a new newness, a fresh past and inquisitive future with Where Are We Now?

His death, as with his life, is a work of art. That he created until the moment of his death illustrates what an artist he was. Creating throughout his cancer to unite us again. We know the world needs union, in all its forms, and David Bowie was an artist who did that like no other.

A great loss to the world, a great loss to union.

Author: Phil

Film composer, concert composer, sound designer, choral composer, arranger, song writer, musician.

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