Climate Change at the Oscars

oscars_video_362x204_1456722507156It’s interesting that Leo brought up climate change in his Oscars speech. He warns that this is something that has to be tackled right now.

President Obama has made similar pleas, saying that “we don’t have time for a meeting of the flat earth society.”

So are we agreed that we need to tackle this issue?

Ok, good. So in dealing with it we should focus on the biggest cause right?

Cool. So what is the single biggest cause of climate change (and, as a side note, the fact that we are currently – as in right now – in the largest period of mass-extinction in 65 million years. Yes, since the dinosaurs were wiped out)? What is it?

Well, by a very very very large margin, it’s animal agriculture.

Responsible for a whopping 51% of all greenhouse gases. Compared to this, the entire output of all vehicle emissions on the planet combined only accounts for 13%.

In fact, if tomorrow the entire world decided not to use vehicles any more, AND all production, power plants, industry, fracking and every other non-animal-agriculture industry hung up its ropes it still wouldn’t be enough.

If the world decided overnight to stop eating meat, it would be. It is actually the only action that will do enough to save us.

So, now we know that catastrophic climate change is a reality, and we know the leading cause of it, are we going to deal with it?

Nope? Didn’t think so.


Note: Leo is executive producer of a brilliant documentary Cowspiracy. Watch it for more information on how and why the single greatest cause of environmental destruction is being completely ignored

Edit: I had a very good question on Facebook about this, pointing out that if we all gave up animal products tomorrow there would need to be a massive increase in crop production to make up for the short-fall. This is a logical and commonly held view, but it’s completely wrong and in fact the opposite is true – to feed the 56 billion animals we slaughter per year, we feed them with 50% of the world’s grain. If we all went vegan tomorrow, and didn’t increase crop production at all, we would still have an enormous surplus of food!

Author: Phil

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